We are a company with a great experience in wooden stairs production and for many years we perform the best stair's quality for our clients. As we find our place mainly at German market our products are adapted to the highest German standards. We have an impeccable reputation among our clients and co-workers. During our presence at the stairs market we achieved well-recognized mark that is linked with high quality and solidity.

   Our products are characterized by sturdy and fast execution. We secure five-year's guaranty and technical support after this period. We are specialized in difficult and untypical cases. Moreover everything that we produce is exceptional and unique.

   Additionally we offer measurements at building site, technical counsels, coordination of works associated with stairs and computer based projects. We try to help our clients to organize the best building conditions for stairs from the very first steps at the building site so they can be satisfied from the final result. To secure that, we cooperate with designers at the project phrase.

   Stairs are installed professionally by a team of carpenters which pay special attention to elements of a house and its interior. Steps after an assembly are covered with thick cardboard to avoid damage during further works.

   Even you are not going to order our product we will be glad to solve your problems.

   Jan Maslon - Owner