Take into consideration that the final shape of the stairs depends mainly on building design. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should start cooperation with stairs producer at project phrase. The house designer is responsible for the appearance of your stairs. So if you want to have tasteful and impressive stairs that will decorate your interior, please contact us at the early stage of the design-before it can be to late.

   Remember that measurements should be made twice:

-at the stage of preparing a ceilings hole and place for stairs

-detailed measurements after wall-plasters and floors are ready.  

   Stairs are assembled after all elements of interior are finished (before last painting, when  a central heating system is working and after big objects-like bath are already in).

   Important note: make sure that walls where you plan stairs are flat and exactly at the right angles.

   You need to remember that stairs (the same like furniture) require special care. Clean  them with appropriate cosmetics-always according to producer's advices. Do not pour with water!